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Your online passport for education on aging, care of the elderly, and geriatrics at McMaster.

Medical school curriculums are designed to train physicians with the skills to meet the needs of the communities that we serve.

Our aging population is transforming the medical care emphasis from an approach focused on somatic, curable illness to one focused on chronic and complex disease. It is important to ensure that medical students have the opportunity to acquire competency in the care of the elderly and geriatric medicine.

Six pillars of geriatric education have been identified that represent a breadth of experiences and different facets that contribute to the care of older adults. These experiences consist of a variety of learning settings and modalities including didactic learning at lectures and conferences, workshops, interprofessional events, clinical encounters, personal encounters a volunteer or outreach setting, online learning, and research. In order to meet the criteria to receive a MacPage Geriatric Competency Certificate, you must complete experiences within four of the six pillars.

To contact the macPAGE team with questions, comments, or to suggest learning experiences, please connect with us at macpage@mcmaster.ca.

Frequently Asked Questions

The macPAGE program is based on a quality improvement initiative undertaken by Waterloo Regional Campus undergraduate medical learners. This program is designed as an opportunity for learners to engage in experiential education; enhance skills and geriatrics-related competencies; and to serve as a catalogue of geriatrics-related educational experiences within the region. Learners must complete reflections and experiences from four of six competency-based learning pillars to be eligible for a macPAGE Geriatric Competency Certificate. After completing each educational experience, learners are required to upload proof of completion and a reflection on their experience.

An aging population necessitates emphasis on chronic and complex conditions, and well-developed skills to engage with older adults in a professional setting. The macPAGE program provides opportunity to engage in different learning avenues (e.g. outreach activities, conferences or lectures, online learning) to expose learners to different nuances of older adult care.

The macPAGE site is designed to function as your individual passport to these educational experiences; by logging in from the top right of the page with your @medportal.ca email address, you will be able to access the learner area.

As a participant in the macPAGE program, you have the opportunity to enhance your skills and competencies around caring for older adults. These are necessary and valuable skills as medical learners move into practice and our population continues to age. Successful participants completing all program requirements will be awarded a macPAGE Geriatric Competency Certificate.

Surveys and reflections help keep track of individual development and progress through the macPAGE program. They are also used as a program evaluation tool, to help the macPAGE team refine and develop the program effectively, efficiently, and with learner perspectives in mind.

You can upload your proof of completion by clicking on the associated learning pillar. Look for the heading Upload Proof of Completion and click the Upload File button. You may upload .PDF, .doc, .docx, .jpg, and .rtf files.

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