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An online program to support and recognize your learning about research on aging and working with older adults at McMaster.
Welcome to macPAGE!

Did you know that by 2024, over 20% of the Canadian population will be over 65? There are already more Canadians over 65 than under 14. Regardless of your major or education level, knowledge about how to communicate, empathize with and understand the priorities and interests of an aging population is important for a variety of careers and life experiences. After all, all of us are aging every day!

Enhancing your knowledge about research on aging and working with older adults through MacPAGE will help prepare you for experiences in your personal and professional life. It will provide you with opportunities to explore topics in aging that interest you outside the classroom. It will help you to better understand the diversity of the aging population and their experiences. Most importantly, it will provide you with knowledge and skills to support optimal aging in your own community.  

The McMaster Institute for Research on Aging (MIRA), a cross-Faculty research institute for advancing the science of aging, together with researchers from the Big Data and Geriatrics Models of Care Research Group, have developed a program to encourage and recognize participation in learning opportunities related to aging and working with older adults. This program is based around seven pillars of learning. These pillars represent broad opportunities and experiences that can support learners to gain knowledge about aging and working with older adults. They include a mix of experiential learning opportunities and opportunities to build up your background knowledge, as well as provide opportunities to learn from experts in research on aging. 

In order to meet the criteria to receive MIRA Certificate for Research on Aging and Engagement with Older Adults, you must complete experiences within four of the seven pillars. At least one of these pillars must include in-person interactions directly with older adults. 

To contact the macPAGE team with questions, comments, or to suggest learning experiences, please connect with us at macpage@mcmaster.ca

Frequently Asked Questions

The MacPAGE certificate program is based on a quality improvement initiative undertaken by Waterloo Regional Campus undergraduate medical learners. These learners identified their interest in and the importance of learning more about working with older adults and research on aging.

This program is designed as an opportunity for learners to engage in experiential education; to provide interested learners with the opportunity and incentive to push their interests and learning outside of their Faculty and department; and to serve as a catalogue of educational experiences available on campus, in Hamilton and within the region.

Learners must complete reflections and experiences from four of seven learning pillars to be eligible for a MacPAGE Certificate. After completing an educational experience from a pillar, learners are required to upload proof of completion and a reflection on their experience.

With the advent of health care advances and innovative technologies, people are living longer and continuing to contribute to their communities. Regardless of your major or education level, knowledge about how to communicate, empathize with and understand the priorities and interests of an aging population is important for a variety of careers and life experiences.


…you're an engineer working in medical devices and assistive technologies. Your company's biggest client base is individuals over 75 years old.

…you're a manager assembling your next project team. Your team members are 24, 33, 47 and 63. How do you empower their unique strengths and skillsets and encourage teamwork?

…you're a financial planner. Your client is trying to plan for the future with aging parents and three small children.

…you're a social media manager, and your top demographics are 25-35 and 55-65 year olds.

…you're a volunteer coordinator, working at a community agency. The majority of your clients are older adults and many of your volunteers are as well.

…you're a health care provider. About 40% of acute hospitalizations are for patients over 65 (CIHI, 2011) and there are over 78,000 long-term care home beds in the province

The MacPAGE certificate program provides you with an opportunity to participate in different learning activities (e.g. volunteering, community engagement and advocacy, research, conferences, lectures, courses, online learning) that will support you to learn more about aging and working with older adults. Learning more about aging and working with older adults provides invaluable perspective in a variety of different career settings.

The MacPAGE site is designed to provide learners with a structured program that supports them to participate in out-of-classroom experiences working with older adults and related to research on aging. It provides students an opportunity to collect and communicate about these out-of-classroom experiences in a way that supports their future employment and educational opportunities.

You can access the site by logging in from the top right of the page with a gmail (or gmail-affiliated) email address. After you log-in, you will be able to access the learner area. You will then be prompted to complete an attitudes survey that asks how you currently feel about older adults and what you think about getting older. You will have the opportunity to complete the same survey when you have finished the program so you can reflect on how learning more about research on aging has shaped your thinking.

Once you have filled out the survey, you will have the opportunity to click on each pillar and read about their components. In each pillar you can choose activities that reflect your interests and complement your current program of study. You will also have the opportunity to “submit your own activity” that fits in the pillar scope, pending review by program staff. We love creativity and encourage learners to make the program meaningful and aligned with their own goals and academic background.

Successful participants completing all program requirements will be awarded a MIRA Certificate for Research on Aging and Engagement with Older Adults.

Each pillar of the program, and the program as a whole, have clearly defined learning outcomes —after completing these pillars, you will be able to clearly communicate with employers, academic programs, volunteer opportunities and other avenues that you have a background in aging and have experience working with older adults.

As a participant in the MacPAGE certificate program students from every faculty have the opportunity to enhance skills and knowledge around working with older adults and research on aging in a variety of academic areas. These skills and experiences will be increasingly necessary and valuable as the population ages and more people seek services, goods, and advice from professionals in diverse fields.

Surveys and reflections help learners keep track of their individual development and progress through the MacPAGE program. Reflections serve as a valuable opportunity for you as to sum up your experiences think about how each pillar has supported you to develop new skills and knowledge and identify topics or problems you are interested in learning more about. The attitude survey and final reflections are also used as a program evaluation tool, to help the MacPAGE team refine and develop the program effectively, efficiently and with learner perspectives in mind.

You can upload your proof of completion by clicking on a learning pillar. Look for the heading “Upload Proof of Completion” and click the “Choose Files” button. You may upload .PDF, .doc, .docx, .jpg, and .rtf files. Examples of proof of completion are listed under each pillar.

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